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3 Social Media Tips For Mortgage Brokers That Engage Clients

Mortgage brokers are a traditional profession, one that stays afloat by expanding their client pool and increasing the chances of finding prospective property investors. Seeing as networking plays a pivotal role in building your mortgage company, it’s no surprise that it is becoming a digitally-oriented workforce.

More consumers use the internet in search of reliable brokers in their local area, which means mortgage broker marketing is quickly becoming a necessity if you want to put your business in front of potential clients. 91 per cent of real estate professionals are regularly active on social media, which means you need to go online if you want to widen your reach. 


Tip #1: Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

It’s easy to think that you can build your online presence by signing up on multiple platforms, but doing so will only spread your brand too thin. It’s best to choose channels that cater to your target audience, such as the big two for mortgage brokers:

  • LinkedIn - With over 260 million professionals, it’s the best avenue where you can grow your network of potential clients, stay on top of real estate industry news, and endorsing your services to business owners;
  • Facebook - Home to 2.23 billion average monthly users, it’s a gold mine for brokers looking to tap into a wider range of audience. From professionals to your average borrower, it’s the place to post promotions that attract your market.


Tip #2: Leverage PPC Advertising To Improve Your Lead Generation 

Social media is free, but if you want to reach a dedicated group of people and generate quality leads, PPC advertising can ensure your marketing campaigns are served to the right market. 

By focusing on your existing client list or targeting a highly defined audience, you can improve your marketing and increase its ROI. 


Tip #3: Focus On Creating Personalized Mortgage Broker Campaigns

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should promote social media campaigns that highlight your unique offer. Using marketing automation, for instance, can help you build a persona for your clients and share posts that addresses their individual needs. 

With personalized marketing campaigns, your message can spark the interest of your clients and build their loyalty over time.


The Bottom Line: Effective Social Media Marketing Tips That Establish An Online Presence For Mortgage Brokers

Setting mortgage brokers apart from the rest can be challenging in the convoluted, cut-throat mortgage industry. People are constantly looking for the right loans that can fund their needs, but with plenty of companies offering the same services, finding ways to put your business on top of search results is social media marketing. 

Social media connects brokers with potential clients, but it takes more than an active profile and daily posting to improve your engagement. Here at Exclusive Marketing Agency, we’re a mortgage lead agency in the USA that can offer a one-stop-shop for different marketing needs that cater to the mortgage, insurance, and financial advisory industries. 

It’s like having a certified Chief Marketing Officer all for a lesser price, so get in touch with us today and see how our mortgage marketing services can help move your business forward.