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You've been doing your Mortgage Marketing All Wrong...

The truth about digital marketing for the Mortgage Industry is that it is very difficult, takes planning, strategy, significant branding and experts that know the industry to pull it all off.

You’ve been doing all wrong so far...

You’ve been enticed by endless Facebook ads promising the world, and that if you buy Product X, which is an off the shelf product, you’ll be funding $5,000,000 a month within 90 days. WRONG. While of course there have been some lottery winners who can smile and dial to make 300 phone calls a day, the success rate of those programs is less than 5-8%.

Therefore, you have thousands of Loan Officers and Mortgage Companies trying to have one night stands with their customer without any repour, trust, conversation, history or give the consumer ANY reason why to transact with them. The result? 99% plus of the leads that they get, are consumers that are desperate, disloyal and are willing to transact with ANYONE in order to get what is advertised.

Here is the secret sauce of Mortgage Marketing

You (Loan Officer or Mortgage Company), in today's digital world MUST have a solid foundation of strategy, planning, branding and excellence in execution in order to be successful in online marketing.

You must:

1) Brand yourself professionally with your own well-designed website and logo.
2) Differentiate yourself the other 899,000 Loan Officers in the Country.
3) Not be afraid to put yourself on an iPhone selfie video so that people can relate to you.
4) Share yourself, your personality, your knowledge and your attitude towards the industry to your target audience.
5) Learn to diversify your risk within the industry through all the ups and downs by having multiple referral partnerships, lead sources and a strong partner that knows how to do so.
6) Develop content to show that you are an expert and that there is no one more knowledgeable or trustworthy for that consumer to give their business too.
7) Invest in the tools you need to manage your time like a powerful CRM that will keep in touch with your leads and relationships, automatically, via phone, text, appointment setting and e-mail.
8) Surrender and know that while this process can be quick or long (depending on budget), you MUST go through this process first in order to succeed consistently in online marketing.

Finally, you MUST be able to delegate all of this to an EXPERT that knows your Industry and will help you step by step become a powerful brand within your marketing. Whether it is hyper local, state wide, regional or national, it is possible!


We’re the only mortgage specific marketing agency and you’ll get your own personally appointed CMO, for less than half the cost, no payroll taxes and no benefits. It is the solution that you’ve been waiting for.

Exclusive Marketing Agency ("EMA") is the one and only end to end marketing firm that specializes in the Mortgage Industry. EMA focuses on permanent, data driven, ROI focused strategy to help you get where you want to be with your company. While we sell a la carte services, our bread and butter is to assume the Chief Marketing Officer role within your company. We become an extension of your business and like you to think of us as that loyal, driven and dedicated employee, except that we're less than half the cost, and that you’re not only getting one person. EMA is an agency of 25+ very talented people focused on the mortgage industry, with offices in San Diego and New York.


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