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The Future of Mortgage Marketing costs you NOTHING.

The Future of Mortgage Marketing costs you NOTHING.  Introducing Netzero Marketing for the Mortgage Industry.

The future of Marketing and Lead Generation is here for the Mortgage Industry, and guess what?  There are ZERO monthly costs, and once the fixed cost infrastructure is paid for, the plentiful, high quality and very high converting leads are FREE, FOR LIFE, or for as long as First Time Home Buyers or Veteran Loan Benefits becomes obsolete.

The strategy, called “Netzero Advertising” was created for our Mortgage clients at Exclusive Marketing through pioneer and Virtual Chief Marketing Officer, John Seckel.

John Seckel states, “Cost per funded loan, usually driven up by ineffective Marketing in the Mortgage Industry or inefficiencies in Lead Nurturing is a major challenge.  We’re constantly talking to Loan Officers, Mortgage Branches, Mortgage Brokers and even more common large Mortgage Lenders who are chasing online programs based on ‘get rich quick schemes”.  They are promised if they invest in “on the shelf, product X” that they are going to receive unrealistic returns and seldom delivered results they can live with. It puts their company and dollars at risk, increases their Cost per Funded Loan, Cost per Quality Lead, and decreases their ROI on their effective marketing.  It is terrible trend that we’ve seen lately in Digital Marketing, especially when offered by those that do not have any experience in the Mortgage Industry.”

Exclusive Marketing Agency (“EMA”) had to do something about it, and it is why we created a never seen before strategy that is single handedly taking over marketing strategies from single mortgage loan officers to Fortune 500 mortgage lenders.

We are ready to share it with the world, and here is how it works:

Our Completed Mission:  Come up with a way to offset your fixed infrastructure cost, your advertising spends and your agency management costs by creating an irresistible offer that can be marketed for sale to the public.  The “sale” must be profitable enough to pay for the advertising spend through marketing channels (ie Facebook/Google) and the marketing agency to manage those ads, so that you’re left with a high quality “FREE” lead that is trained to think of you as an expert.  Repeat process over and over in suburbs, cities, states that are within your Lending licensing. 

We cracked this code, and for those who want more details, here it is:

Step 1.  Create a completely automated and “hands off” educational webinar or seminar that can live and breathe online.

Licensed Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Lender CEO’s and Industry Veterans are all experts.  Pick a subject, educate the population, they’ll pay you and thank you for it.  Topics like “How to buy your First Home and save thousands” or “How to make the most of your Veteran Benefits while buying a home” are just two of many topics that can be successful.

Many of you are already doing a similar process “offline”, however you’re being limited by a class room of 50.  What if the 40,000,000 people in the entire state of California could be your classroom?

Step 2.  Make the Offer to the user and potential client IRRESISTIBLE.

The offer to the client is probably the second most important step in this process.  You’ll have only a few chances to catch the attention of your potential new client.  In the words of the God Father, make it an offer they can’t refuse. They may pay $99 or $499 for your course/webinar if you collaborate with your real estate agent and put together a package of discounts that they’ll receive when they close on their new dream home with your dream team.

Step 3.  Make sure you are branded as an educator, not a sales person.

No one wants to be sold, they want to be educated.  Throughout the information modules, make sure you’re branded as someone that educated and that is out for their best interest, not yours.  In the end of all business transactions, most of business being done out there, is being done between people that like, TRUST and enjoy each other.


Step 4. Don’t cheap out on the infrastructure and design.

This strategy is going to save you tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in future lead generation costs.  You’ll need to make a beautiful, trust worthy and highly converting landing page or website to market this new wonderful seminar and irresistible offer to the public.  Don’t cheap out and hire a well reputable professional!

Step 5.  Find a Marketing Agency or Firm that can sell this new course, profitably.

It won’t happen immediately, and even here at EMA we quote a 30 day test period where we’ll run several different ads across, in several different locations, on several different platforms.  It takes skill, planning, creativity and a thorough understanding of online marketing platforms.  Please don’t try this yourself!  Remember, that if done correctly, the revenue created by selling the course will offset the advertising spend and marketing agency monthly management fees.  Here at EMA, we will not charge you a management fee directly.  Our management costs come out of the course revenue, so that you’ll never pay another monthly lead generation cost, advertising spend or marketing agency management fee again!

Exclusive Marketing Agency (“EMA”) has developed and is currently deploying this strategy for its Mortgage, Insurance and Financial Advisory clients, and the results are astounding.

Imagine optimizing one of these fixed cost infrastructures for each one of your Loan Officers, optimized to your state licensing, but more on a local revenue.  The possibilities are almost limitless.

The Cost?  The MILLION or maybe BILLION dollar question!

Your break even for the cost of this fixed netzero infrastructure for a Loan Officer or Mortgage Company is likely less than 2 or 3 funded loans, in commissions or in revenue. 

Addressing “Seminar/Webinar” Market Saturation.

When EMA contracts with a client we give a 15-25 mile exclusivity on this product so that we’re not offering the seminar or service in overlapping populations, or in a fashion where we are competing with our self or our clients are competing.  Those that are interested, we recommend and advise to reserve your territory quickly, as more populated cities and areas are going very quick.

Interested in a Net Zero infrastructure?  Visit our website at https://www.exclusive.agency or call 800-941-0175 and book an appointment with one of our representatives.

About EMA

Exclusive Marketing Agency ("EMA") is the one and only end to end marketing firm that specializes in the Mortgage Industry. We focus on permanent, data driven, ROI and CPFL focused strategy to help you get your company, team or career to where you want it to be.  Most effectively, we’ll come in as your outsourced Chief Marketing Officer, assume the role, take care of your immediate challenges, evaluate your current branding and marketing efforts, help you develop a short, medium and long term strategy, then help execute it as slowly or as quickly as you wish.  With many talented team members and offices on both coasts, we’re in a great position to change the trajectory of many Mortgage Companies and Professionals out there that have plateaued or are suffering.

To evaluate if you’re a fit for EMA, please visit our website at https://www.exclusive.agency or call 800-941-0175 and book an appointment with one of our representatives.